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Explore Guadalajara - "Pearl of the West"


Experience the history

  • Guachimontones Pyramids

  • Ruins of Teuchitlan

  • Plaza de los Mariachis

  • Parque Revolucion

  • Plaza de Armas

  • Plaza de la Liberacion

  • Plaza Guadalajara

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Guadalajara is not just the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco, it's also the 2nd most important center in the country. Known as "Pearl of the West," Guadalajara boasts a historic downtown that includes many parks and plazas with a host of attractions including museums, rodeos, soccer, bullfights, and mariachis. Many of these can be found in Hospicio Cabañas.

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Take a ride on the José Cuervo Express!


No trip to Guadalajara is complete without a ride on the José Cuervo Express. Begin your 1st class Mexican journey in your wooden train car that includes hot snacks and cocktails featuring plenty of tequila, of course. You'll enjoy the essence of another time as you tour the José Cuervo distillery. Trip Advisor lists this tour as #14 on a list of nearly 200 things to do, so you can be sure you'll remember this tour for years to come!

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